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Friday, 27 November 2009

Keppel Club's Xmas Fair (27 Nov 09)

Organises by Singapore Fairs, the event attendance was fairily lukewarm. Our best customers for our mocktails were the stall owners themselves! 

Keppel Marina Christmas Fair

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Gek Poh Ville CC Open House (15 Nov 09)

People's Association asks us to showcase our products and courses at this open house at Gek Poh Ville CC.  We gave our free samples of our mocktails. The crowd was treated to performances and talks the whole day.
Gek Poh Ville CC Open House

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Bar Flair Show at Launch of Passion Card, Raffles Exchange (11 Nov 09)

Drinkdings was asked to showcase our bar tricks at the launch of the Passion Card at Raffles Exchange. Despite the low ceiling, our bar flairers managed to excite the crowd with their well executed moves.

We'd actually written a comprehensive script for the emcee for People's Association, BUT! the staff in charge of the event failed to give the script to the emcee. As a result, our flairers were doing all those flair moves and without any explanation, the crowd failed to fully appreciate the complexity of the move and the introcacies of the signature Passion Cocktail we were preparing.  A true waste of my time and effort in crafting that difficult technical script!  And it's not like I didn't send it to the girl in advance!

I made my unhappiness known to the gal in charge of the event.  People - do note - a script is a very important piece of paper for an event. 

Passion Card Launch at Raffles Xchange