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Friday, 27 March 2009


What could be hiding under those ghostly white sheets? This was us at the Wedding Diary Asia at Suntec. Hundreds of bottles of alcohol and nowhere to hide them! Fortunately, our booth was right at the end and we had a wall just behind us...I remember Kat using her ID skills to "floor plan" our drinks. For me, I was just thinking of winging it at the venue. But both of us were right - you do have to plan a little, or you will be caught unawares (what if we were not next to this wall, or right in the middle of the hall instead?). But at the same time, be flexible and resourceful when at the venue. That's us at Drinkdings! Always thinking on our toes!

Wedding Diary Asia at Suntec (27 Mar 09)

This was the first regional wedding show sponsored by STB and the vendors were looking forward to a good crowd. Unfortunately, the event organiser, Cosmopolitan Events, didn't plan and execute their publicity efforts well enough. We expected 10,000 visitors, we got 100. The vendors were very upset with the organisers.
Drinkdings was also caught in a bind because of this event. We too had catered for 10,000 persons. So were were left with thousands of flyers, lots of alcohol and lots of champagne cups! What a waste of effort!
Check out our other blog post to see how we tried to hide our hundreds of bottles of alcohol at the event!

Wedding Diary at Suntec

The Drinkdings Gluttons!

Didn't we look liks gluttons with all this spread in front of us? We just LOVE the porridge buffet at Suntec Convention Centre. I believe Joaquim is the name! And just for the record ... YES, we finished every last morsel!

So I guess you know what we're doing when we're not at the Mobile Bar!

Monday, 23 March 2009

Crossroads Fair

That's me setting up! Drinking accessories on this side, cocktail mixers on the other and a mobile bar to boot!
The fair got really stuffy under the marquee in the afternoon, lucky for us, we had our cocktails and more importantly ice. We managed to provide welcome refreshments for the booth vendors and garner some goodwill along the way :)

Hampers Galore!

That's our stack of hampers. Christmas is a time of giving, and give indeed did our clients do. Wanna guess how many hampers there are in this stack? The anything related to drinking and party people - corporate gifts, hamper packing for wine, we've done it all! (and still doing!)

Changing Tables it is..the trusty Ol' Peeling Table.
How to give your stuff a new lease of life??

Vinyl is the answer!

And here we have the new next to the old...and me admiring my new table...awww.

Then we did three! Check it out! Our "new" office. Hah!

and in true Drinkdings spirit (no pun intended)..all things yellow! (yup, we're crazy over the royal colour of Thailand!)
Check out the all new look of the season!

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

ISS Grand Opening (18 Mar 09)

While Kat was at STB, I was at the ISS Grand Opening ... all the way in Jurong, setting up for this 400 plus event.
We'd met the ISS team a few days before for some potential partnerships and they invited us to serve and promote our Mobile Bar Service at their opening party. They'd just moved into a brand new, and much larger factory/office space. Doing well!
The food was exceptional, as were the cocktails!
ISS Catering Grand Opening

Citibank Ready Credit Awards Night (18 Mar 09)

We had a blast at the Citibank Ready Credit Awards Night for cardholders held at the tropical-themed Singapore Tourism Board foyer. Amidst the birds and foliage, we served, demonstrated and awarded.
Oh - the caterers forgot the cups for the coffee and tea at this event - but lucky everyone preferred the cocktails! (obviously!)
Citibank Ready Credit Awards Night

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Purple Sage Wedding Luncheon (15 Mar 09)

Drinkdings is at the Purple Sage wedding luncheon. 50 wedding couples were hand selected to attend this luncheon. We served sugar-rimmed Apple Martinis, salt-rimmed Margaritas, and a host of other Delicious Delights!

Oh, we were also very rudely brushed aside by the museum guards when we tried to enter the exhibition hall at the National Museum! This was the day we swore not to wear our standard uniforms to work ever again. A badge wil suffice, thank you, to show who's the boss!
Purple Sage Wedding Lunch

Friday, 13 March 2009

Kuchiku's Chalet Gathering for Retailpreneurs (13 Mar 09)

The Kuchiku team welcomed their first batch of retailpreneurs at a chalet gathering - check out the auspicious chalet number ... a great start to business success! Drinkdings set up a mini bar in the chalet to share our business model with fellow entrepreneurs and give them a taste of life with Drinkdings!
Kuchiku BBQ (Retail Adventure)

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Crossroad Fair at Cairnhill CC (7 Mar 09)

We've been busy this year promoting Drinkdings at fairs! This time an expatriate centric fair to promote our Delectable Delights!