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Saturday, 25 September 2010

HPB's Alcohol Abuse YAH Bloggers Workshop (25 Sep 10)

Drinkdings was invited by the Health Promotion Board to spread the word on Alcohol Education to their group of teen bloggers (also called the YAH bloggers).  We went through the various types of alcohols, drinks, effects and ... well, anything alcohol related that the teens might want to know.

It felt fulfilling, passing down knowledge and experiences of our own alcoholic youthful days :)
YAH Bloggers Workshop

Children's Day Carnival at Istana Park (25 Sep 10)

Drinkdings set up booth at the Presbyterian Children's Day Carnival to raise funds.  Proceeds went to the Presbyterian church.  Unfortunately, there was not much crowd and we didn't manage to raise much funds. 

Held at the Istana Park along Orchard Road.
Volunteer Event